Welcome to Diabco ,

Diabco inspires all stationery and art lovers. For more than 28 years now we have been stimulating people’s creativity in our wide and most impressive stationery selections, fine art materials and high quality brands.

Our in-depth knowledge of both our products and our clients’ needs sustains our professional support and transparency we provide for our customers.

All of us at Diabco are passionate about our clients’ satisfaction were we go beyond than only attaining our customers’ needs, thus we share a continuous, genuine relation with them by making their visit an experience.

Today Diabco is one of the best stationery and fine art stores in Lebanon, closely connected to our clients and always looking further to develop our services and products passionately and innovatively.

Moreover, we are continuously and seriously being more environmentally responsible. Today we have more than sixty thousand recycled stationery items added to our variable stationery and art sections, enhancing our clients to focus more on environmental friendly products.